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82nd Annual Saint Anthony Bazaar

Saturday, November 7th

    6:00 - 7:00 PM Chili & Chicken Noodle Dinner

    6:30 Desert Auction

    7:00 Bingo

Sunday, November 8th

    11:00 - 1:30 PM Homemade Spaghetti Dinner
    11:00 - 2:00 PM Raffle, Silent Auction, Meat Booth, Religious Articles Booth, Cookie Decorating Booth, Games
    2:00 PM Raffle Drawing

All Proceeds Benefit our Young People of St. Anthony, St. Catherine & Sacred Heart Parishes!   

The Business Manager position is open at Saint Anthony Parish.  Please submit your resume and cover letter to businessmanager@saintanthonyssterling.org by Monday, November 23
Parish Business Manager Position
BASIC FUNCTION: The Parish Business Manager reports directly to the Pastor. This ministerial position assists the Pastor with the stewardship of the financial and personnel resources of the parish, in accordance with parish policies and the particular laws and norms of the Archdiocese of Denver (contained in the Pastoral Handbook). The Parish Business Manager is a person of faith committed to Gospel values and strives to live in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church. He or she values the organization and responsible management of resources, and helps the Church fulfill its mission and purpose.
The job description is intended to cover a broad list of responsibilities which encompass the role of the Parish Business Manager. The needs of the Pastor / Parish, as well as the skills of the Parish Business Manager, must be taken into consideration as the specific description is developed.
A. Financial Management
a. Prepares budget, annual report, interim reports, general ledgers and other monthly reports.
b. Handles bank relations to include management of accounts and problem solving.
c. Manages bookkeeping functions including, but not limited to, payables and receivables and all other parish revenue expenses. Ensures bank accounts are reconciled in a timely manner.
d. Staff liaison to Parish Finance Council.
e. Facilitates fundraising events, pledge drives and parish offertory collections.
f. Oversees the management of parish operational and financial records.
g. Ensures that all federal and state taxes are paid in accordance with federal and state regulations.
h. Manages payment of salaries and benefits.
B. Plant Management
a. Oversees major repairs, renovations and capital projects for the parish facilities consistent with the approved parish budget and in accordance with the Pastoral Handbook.
b. Acts as liaison to archdiocesan administrative agencies.
c. Manages custodial maintenance functions.
C. Personnel Management:
a. Implements personnel policies: develops hiring procedures, job descriptions, personnel evaluations, and administers the benefits programs.
b. Evaluates support staff through yearly performance reviews.
D. General
a. Oversees computer management and information systems’ needs of the parish.
b. Attends meetings relative to the role, as necessary.
c. Directs purchasing procedures.
d. Performs other duties and tasks as may be required by the parish Pastor.
E. Competencies and Education
a. Understands and supports mission and purpose of the church and parish.
b. Is knowledgeable of the principles of accounting.
c. Is knowledgeable of safety and security issues.
d. Is knowledgeable of personnel issues, including policies, procedures, benefits, federal and state laws, employee motivation, team building, etc.
e. Is knowledgeable of parish policy and guidelines in relationship to archdiocesan policy and guidelines.
f. The professional business experience of the candidate is critically important and should be considered as continuing education in situations where a college degree does not exist.

Coming up:
Mountain Madness for Junior High kids (grades 6-8).  Registration begins in October.
Please see next week's bulletin for more information.


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