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The Holy Door at St. Anthony Church
Archbishop Aquila has asked St. Anthony Church to serve as a pilgrimage church during this Jubilee Year of Mercy. 
Our Holy Door is on the North side of the church.  The door will be open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM until November 20, 2016.  
We have our stamp and extra cards available just inside the door.

The following clarification about the purpose of the Holy Door and the Church's teachings on indulgences was taken from the November 28, 2015 issue of the Denver Catholic:

An essential part of every Jubilee Year is the Jubilee Indulgence.

The indulgence, writes Pope Francis, frees the pardoned [pardoned in sacramental Confession] sinner “from every residue left by the consequences of sin, enabling him to act with charity, to grow in love rather to fall back into sin.”

To gain an indulgence you have to complete a “work” and fulfill several   conditions.

There are four “works” one can perform to gain the Jubilee Indulgence: pass through a Holy Door; complete a spiritual or corporal work of mercy; for the home-bound, live with “faith and joyful hope” in your moments of trial; and for the incarcerated, an indulgence can be gained by “directing their thought and prayer to the Father each time they cross the threshold of their cell.”

The conditions to gain the indulgence include being in the state of grace, having the interior disposition of complete detachment from sin, even venial sin, receive the sacraments of confession and the Holy Eucharist, make a   profession of faith, and pray for the intentions of the Holy Father.

Except for being in the state of grace and the interior disposition of detachment from sin, all of the conditions may be fulfilled within 20 days of doing the “work”. One indulgence can be gained each day, and indulgences can be obtained for the deceased.


"Whoever has a heart full of love always has something to give." - Pope John XXIII


Coming up at St. Anthony's Catholic Church:

Our 83rd Annual Bazaar - November 5th - 6th

Holy Hour for the 2016 Elections - November 6th at 6:00 PM


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