2019-2020 Faith Formation for EVERYBODY - Registration

Lifelong Faith Formation


2019 - 2020 Growing In Faith Together (G.I.F.T.)

Information & Registration Meetings  
Due to the change in program, you must attend an Information      and Registration Meeting in order to register!


Saturday     June 22nd     6-7PM     Hagus Hall
Sunday     June 23rd     8 - 9AM     Hagus Hall
                          10 - 11AM     Hagus Hall

Sunday     September 15th     10 - 11AM     Hagus Hall

Registration Deadlines

To participate in the first (September) session, you must register by Sunday, September 15th.

*All families wishing to prepare for and celebrate Sacraments in 2019-20 must register by September 15th. *

Growing In FaithTogether Calendar – 2019-2020


Catechetical Sunday - 9/15/19                   24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Commission of Catechists - 9:00am Mass
Blessing of parishioners engaged in
G.I.F.T, 2019-20

G.I.F.T. Sessions
Once a Month:  Sundays: 10:30AM - 1:30PM OR Wednesdays: 5:30 – 7:30PM   

Focus:  The Nicene Creed


Program Schedule

Month       Sun.    Weds.   Topic                                     Sunday/Celebration

September   22nd     25th       Overview of the Nicene Creed       26th Ordinary Time

October       20th       23rd       Communion of Saints                      All Saints Day (Nov. 1st)

November   17th       20th       God, the Son                                     Christ, the King

December    15th       18th       God, the Holy Spirit                         Christmas

January        12th       15th       God, the Father                                2nd Ordinary Time

February       9th         12th       We Believe in the Church               6th Ordinary Time

                                   Ash Wednesday: February 26th

March           8th         11th         Jesus' Resurrection & Death          Triduum

                                          Triduum: Holy Thursday, April 9th; Good Friday, April 10th;
                                                           Easter Vigil, April 11th
                                                                Easter Sunday, April 12th

April              19th      21st         Celebration of Easter/Registration                3rd Easter

















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